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Our professional and specialist team at Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane proud ourselves in the experience, knowledge and success we have surrounding all aspects of Personal Injury Law.

We are here to assist and support you or your loved ones if you need to make a compensation claim for negligence of any sort, an accident or a sustained injury that you have incurred in Queensland. We can discuss your situation with you at our beautiful, welcoming Brisbane based offices, or we are happy to come and visit you at your home or even in hospital if that’s more suitable. We will take the time to discuss with you what the claim process involves, the factors concerning your case, your rights, how long you may have to wait and the processes involved when making a claim.

We understand that when affected by an accident, money is always a worry. However, you don’t need to concern yourself with this, as our policy includes a No Win – No Fee guarantee. We want victims and their families to have the best possible outcome with regards to compensation and our policy guarantees, as many as possible can.

At Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane we specialise in claims for compensation in the following situations:


Injuries involving motor vehicles occur every day. They can include motorbikes, cars, trucks, buses, pedestrians and cyclists. It’s important that if you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident that you know your rights and that there may be compensation available. We recommend you see a doctor as soon as you can to have your injuries recorded and even if you feel you don’t have any, a medical check is highly suggested. You never know what future health problems can occur as a result of your accident.

Please note that there are timeframes in place under Queensland law which pertain to claims involving motor vehicle accidents. Please contact us today so we can discuss with you the time limits applicable to your case and the processes involved.


Respiratory problems can occur from dangerous materials, chemicals, poisonous fibres, and dust. Some of these have a mild affect on our respiratory system, but sometimes the affect can be serious and life threatening, even leading to death.

For instance asbestos poisoning can be fatal, but symptoms don’t develop until 30 to 40 years after exposure.

If you are suffering from a respiratory related illness and wanting compensation, please realise that there are number of aspects involved, should you want to make a claim. Our specialised lawyers will take the time to discuss what options might be available to you.


In the event you have sustained an injury at your workplace, you may have the right to make a claim for workers compensation. The compensation is designed to cover your income losses and to assist you to pay for any of your medical and rehabilitation services. No matter what your injuries are, our lawyers will assist you in making a claim for everything you are entitled to.

Not only is there compensation available if you are injured at work but also if you are travelling to and from work. If you have been injured in such a way, you may be entitled to receiving compensation through WorkCover Queensland or through another provider.

The process involved in filling out and submitting the necessary paperwork required for a claim can be complicated. Our lawyers with their high level of expertise can assist you with the process, giving you peace of mind your claim has the best chance of being accepted. Contact us today.


If you have received an injury on a public or private property which isn’t due to a motor vehicle accident or work related, you may be eligible for compensation under Public Liability.

Examples of such accidents are and not limited to:

A fall

Assaults of any nature

Injuries sustained during sporting events

Injuries sustained during recreation

Attacks involving dogs

Water accidents, for example ones involving boats, jet skis etc

Injuries sustained at restaurants, clubs, pubs etc

Our lawyers at Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane will be able to discuss with you if have sustained an injury and what you need to do to make a claim for compensation. Please note that to make a claim under Public Liability, there needs to be a ‘party’ who is at fault.


Injuries which are classed as serious or catastrophic in nature are those which basically impact a person’s life so much so that it’s ruined. Such injuries can occur in any circumstance or situation. Injuries which are classed under the umbrella of serious or catastrophic can include physical and mental trauma. Examples are: spinal damage, brain damage, severe amputations and severe damage to the body or mental health.

Please note that to claim for compensation if you or a loved one has been affected by a serious/catastrophic injury that it needs to be made under the banner of how it was sustained. For instance, if it occurred in a motor vehicle accident, then paperwork for Motor Vehicle Accident Claim needs to be completed. Again the forms can seem countless and complicated. Our lawyers at Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane will support you through the whole claim process, to give you support through such a difficult time.

The world we live in is ever changing which means that there are always changes in the laws related to compensation claims and therefore to the types of claims that can be made. If you are faced with a situation which isn’t covered in the above services, please contact us to discuss what compensation could be available. Our professional team of lawyers take the time to keep up to date with current compensation claim laws. They will know how to support you in the best possible way and what the most favourable options are relating to your personal circumstances.