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How can I determine if my situation is suitable for a compensation claim?

If you have suffered damages to body, mind or personal possessions and there is enough evidence to show that others or products that others have created are at fault for it, then you might have a good claim.


When is a good time to file a personal injury claim?

It’s important to consult with a lawyer right away after the incident happens. The sooner the matter is prepared, the sooner your case can be processed. All the details and facts would also be fresh in everyone’s minds so all evidence would be as accurate as possible. If you didn’t know beforehand and some time has passed after your injury, it’s still a good idea to consult with a lawyer to see if your case can still be processed. Some personal injury claims have limits in relation to the time frame that you can file a suit. You might be able to file a suit within a year of the incident for some personal injury suits.


What is required from the client for the initial consultations with a personal injury lawyer?

Any paperwork you have that touches on your personal injury situation should be brought. It will be helpful for both parties to have them all organized in a file folder. Even useful files, photographs, or videos digitally stored would be great. Police reports, medical health records pertaining to your injury, witness statements, or damage evaluation reports are some examples of files that you can bring. If the incident just happened and you don’t have any files available, your lawyer like Personal Injury Lawyer Brisbane can assist you in getting the necessary documents pertinent to your suit.


If I’m involved in a traffic accident that resulted in serious injury to me and serious damages to vehicles and property, what should I do first?

After calling the ambulance and police and if you’re able, it’s important to call your vehicle insurance company first and report when and where the accident occurred and who was involved along with their home addresses. Don’t admit fault unless it was blatantly your fault. Even then, let your lawyer handle those discussions. The other insurance company will try to pin the fault on you so do not give any statements about why the accident occurred and who was at fault until you first talk to your lawyer or a personal injury lawyer after calling your insurance agent. If you weren’t at fault and have suffered injuries as a result of the accident, you can file a suit to get compensation for the injuries you suffered. You can discuss that with your personal injury lawyer. Your personal injury lawyer can also help you deal with your insurance agent as most insurance agents aren’t as aggressive or proactive with helping you get compensation for injuries sustained. Remember to stick to the main facts and don’t discuss who’s to blame with any parties involved until you talk to your personal injury lawyer.


Why should I choose Personal Injury Lawyer Brisbane?

As our client, we will have your back. We put in a lot of hours on each case to make sure we get every detail right and the case processed correctly. We fight hard for our clients and we make a legal strategy suited to their needs. We handle the difficult legal work for you so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries.