Are you currently unhappy with your personal injury lawyer?

Are you currently unhappy with your personal injury lawyer?

A simple fact is that sometimes clients aren’t happy with their current lawyer’s services. The truth is that even though lawyers are highly qualified, it doesn’t mean they have the personal qualities or drive you desire in someone whose role is to advocate for you and to reach a positive settlement. The reasons why a lot of clients want to change lawyers are because:

  • The manner in which their claim is being managed.  They feel their lawyers are prioritising other clients cases ahead of their own, leaving them feeling ignored and devalued.
  • Their lawyer is hardly contactable. When having to make a claim, you already feel vulnerable, and by not having the reassurance you need, or even having questions left unanswered, your situation can at times feel even worse. These negative feelings also stir when the only contact a client has is with their lawyer’s staff – secretaries and paralegals – and not the lawyer themselves. The importance of contact between a lawyer and their client contributes to a positive, stable relationship.
  • The length of a claim. Some clients rightly think their claim is taking way longer than it should.  If this is happening with you, know you have every right to question your lawyer as to why the claim is being drawn out. Your lawyer should be able to give you a quality reason.
  • Being left in the dark. People don’t like not knowing what’s happening with their case. It’s only courteous that they are kept updated with their claim’s progress and being informed in advance regarding important dates pertaining to their case and the results. Even if progress is slow, contact with clients is necessary so they aren’t left feeling stressed and frustrated.

At Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane, we pride ourselves in the care we provide for our clients. We are genuinely interested in each of our clients well being and want the best possible outcome for their compensation claims. If you are annoyed in any way by your present lawyer’s conduct, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Even you if you have signed an agreement of some sort, still contact us as you do have rights. It’s important to note that you don’t need a court approval to change your lawyer.  There are options available if you aren’t satisfied with the current level of service being provided and one of our specialised lawyers will compassionately discuss with you your options.

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