Be Aware that What You Post on Social Media Can Have a Negative Impact On Your Claim!

Be Aware that What You Post on Social Media Can Have a Negative Impact On Your Claim!

Today, our social lives and the way we communicate with loved ones and friends depends a lot on the various platforms of social media.  However when you have made a claim for compensation, you need to be aware that what you post on social media can have a huge, negative impact on your case.

Understandably, when your life is restricted due to the affects sustained by an injury you want the contact and comfort that social media avenues allow.  It’s important to remember that almost everything you do will be seen and scrutinized. Once your claim is submitted, investigators working for the defendants will be monitoring you. This could include, videoing your everyday outdoor activities. For example taking footage of how you are able to get in and out of your vehicle, or what you do for leisure and socialising.  Investigators are also taking to monitoring and recording your activity on social media.

The reason why social media provides the defendant with so much ammunition is because the injured party is using it to state their feelings regarding how their case is going or what’s resulting from medical appointments. They also innocently post photos of themselves enjoying life to the best they can, not realising the detrimental effects these posts could deliver. Basically, such happy posts question their credibility.

Defendants know that social media is a powerful weapon in undermining the injured party and will use and manipulate it to prove that the injuries sustained aren’t as bad as originally claimed. The results could be that the compensation payment desired could be greatly reduced or even deleted.

Recent case results have proven the negative impact that occurs when social media is used.

Our professional team at Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane suggest that if you have lodged a compensation claim that you take into consideration the following guidelines:

Be aware of all your actions – you don’t know where and when you could be under surveillance. Even if you are having a ‘good’ day by no means engage in recreation activities that could later minimise the seriousness of your injury.

Be very conscious of what you post on social media while your claim is being processed. This involves considering the comments you post and what you ‘like’, the photos you upload and do your best to ensure family and friends don’t post any pictures of you that could be a detriment.

Always keep in the back of your mind that every decision you make and action you take can impact your case positively or negatively.

These guidelines, as difficult as they may seem, are for your protection. At Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane we understand the time it takes to process a claim can be very hard. Our compassionate lawyers will happily discuss with you any questions or concerns you have. We are here for you to make this time that little bit more easier to endure. Contact us today.

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