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Who We Are? is a directory site that will help you find compensation lawyers who are experts in comprehending all elements of personal injury law in Brisbane North, South, East, West and City suburbs. The lawyers listed in this site are qualified specialists, are constantly driven to achieve the best results possible and have the beautiful quality of compassion so you will always feel supported in your journey for claiming compensation. When you or are a loved one are suffering from an injury, the last thing you want is to try and take on the insurance company juggernauts on your own. Your Brisbane personal injury lawyer will care for that burden, enabling you to focus on getting better.

Standard Claim Process.

What can you expect from Personal Injury Lawyer Brisbane?

  • Consults – The lawyers listed on our site will likely meet with you to discuss your situation. They will discuss a plan of approach for the case and discuss their fees.
  • Research – The lawyers will take an in-depth look at the circumstances that led to your injury and the extent of the injury incurred.
  • Notices – The party legally responsible for the injury will be given notification of the claim. If a liability agreement between the claimant and the defendant can be reached at this stage, it would be ideal.
  • Records – The personal injury lawyer will then acquire medical documents that support the claimant’s injury complaints. Witnesses can then be obtained and experts in Medicine interviewed for extra research into the injury sustained.
  • Compensation Estimates – Damages as a result of personal injury will be estimated in monetary value and presented to the defendant. If the liability and compensation is not agreed upon by both parties, court proceedings will be started to have the case resolved there.
We are Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers


Every case is unique and therefore time of duration from the beginning to the end of a case process differs. Patience is needed on the part of both you and the lawyers alike. Cases with compensation claims in the thousands of dollars can take up to two years to resolve. Don’t worry though – you’re PI lawyer will be there to help you through every step of the process.

For really grievous cases and larger claims, more than one lawyer will usually be assigned to handle the workload. These cases typically take more than a few years to resolve.

Smaller cases tend to get resolved with more office work while bigger cases in addition to a huge amount of office work will need a lot of out-of-office hours for several client meetings, medical expert opinion-seeking, witness gathering, meetings with the opposing party, consults with other professional lawyers working on the case, and multiple court proceedings. Good preparation is imperative on the lawyers part to win. They will do their utmost and even travel long distances to get specific information or talk to people important to your case that will help them to succeed.

What makes us better than other lawyers?

Compassion – From the moment we hear our clients’ troubles, we feel for them. We’re sympathetic to their plight and their distressing circumstances. Being able to get them fair compensation for the injuries they’ve received motivates us to work hard to win their cases.

Efficiency – We work as expediently as possible to get the case processed to the letter of the law and beyond. Our lawyers and legal aid advisors are known for their skillful planning, coordination, and execution of consultations, meetings, investigations, research, and court proceedings.

Expert Training and Experience – Our lawyers have graduated from the best law schools and have studied extra to practice particularly in personal injury law. They have dealt with a multitude of cases related to compensation claims in the country. You can trust them to get your case processed properly with high win outcomes. We will only take on cases if after investigation and consultation we believe they are true and winnable claims.

Zealous Approach – We are dedicated to our clients’ cases and therefore we put in a lot of our time and energy for the good of our clients. We ardently represent our clients in court should the need arise for them to get their case resolved there.


Being seriously injured is a horrifying experience and sometimes people are shy or are too embarrassed to seek action to get compensation. Many who are injured also do not know what legal action to take in order to seek compensation. That’s where comes in. Our listed lawyers help those who feel vulnerable take the proper course of legal action to get the justice they deserve for a fair claim. These expert lawyers will do their best not to let those at fault get away with the personal injury or damages they have caused. They know the ins and outs of the personal injury legal scene and have the best knowledge of the current laws related to their field.

Self-representation is not recommended in the field of personal injury law as complainants will most likely get less than what they deserve. If some legal document is missed or certain expert opinions are not given due to the inexperience of the complainant representing themselves, this could lead to an easy loss for the complainant.

Having the help of a lawyer listed on will ensure that all necessary legal paperwork is done correctly and processed in due time. Thorough investigations, research, witness and necessary expert acquirements will also be done.


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